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Advice To Live To 100

November 11, 2012

These are simple steps to help you live to the age of 100 and beyond. The first thing to do is stop sitting around. Studies have shown that sitting for long hours is unhealthy for even people of normal weight. Even if you exercise regularly, you have a higher likely hood of diabetes and high blood pressure when your daily habits include sitting for long periods. Next, eating fruits such as pomegranate has been shown in recent studies to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease and even lung cancer. The next healthy activity is to eat the rainbow when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Bright colors means a food is high in antioxidants and disease fighting phytochemicals.

Challenging yourself with mental and physical activity, as well as coordination improving activities help slow the aging process. It is highly recommended that an aging population take dancing lessons for an activity that encompasses all these healthy benefits. Next, research has shown that a reduced calorie diet leads to longer life. Cutting calories 15-30 of normal levels leads to a host of anti aging benefits. Next, we need to know our fats. As the research piles up on the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids so does the understanding of their role in brain and cardiovascular welfare. Taking supplements of omega 3's and decreasing saturated fats such as animal fats is important in increasing longevity. Finally, standing up straight not only decreases your outward appearance of aging, but also decreases spinal arthritis, disc degeneration, and compressed nerves. In addition, recent research has focused on the connection between poor posture and breathing disorders and circulatory health. Some doctors have patients do this experiment: While hunched forward, try to draw a deep breath into your lungs. You'll find it's very hard to do. Over time, poor posture is also a major contributor to balance problems and falls.

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