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Chiropractic Myths...

November 5, 2012

Its hurts.

-It is actually quite pleasant. Most people feel much better the moment their spine has been adjusted. When your spine is not aligned properly, that can produce a great deal of pain and create many other health related issues. A spinal adjustment is designed to help your back, and it will leave you feeling well, alert and pain free.

Do I have to come forever?

- Some patients come in for relief of their symptoms, some patients come in for rehabilitation of their spine and some patients choose to come in periodically like going to the dentist or getting their oil changed because they feel so great and they don’t want their pain to come back.

I’ve been to a chiropractor before and it didn’t help.

-I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience with chiropractic before, but we do things differently at our office. Have you ever had a bad haircut , did you never have you hair cut again or just find another hair dresser/barber?

Chiropractic adjustments are dangerous.

-Studies have shown that Chiropractic adjustments are safer than many common activities like salon shampooing, break dancing and gazing at stars. A Chiropractor is trained to know whether a spinal adjustment is right for your condition and will let you know if and why it may not be recommended for a particular reason.

Medical Doctors do not recommend Chiropractic care.

- While it is possible that there is some mistrust and ill will between people in any type of professions, there is no rivalry between medical doctors and Chiropractors. In fact, many medical doctors are treated by Chiropractors every year, and some chiropractic professionals are actually hired to work full time at hospitals and other health care facilities.

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