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Core Strength

May 11, 2012

For those of us out there in Jacksonville who are the weekend warriors when it comes to home improvement and gardening, we take on many stresses that our bodies usually don't encounter during the week. Getting the office up and running has been exciting and physically strenuous on areas such as my neck, back, and knees. These new challenges have me thankful for a couple of reasons. First, having good core strength has helped me to prevent injuries. Secondly, receiving regular chiropractic care has helped ease any of my neck or back soreness from looking up for hours while painting, lifting heavy ladders and buckets.

We hear from the chiropractor to lift with proper posture, meaning knees bent, back straight, directly over the object, with no body rotation. However, sometimes finding that "perfect posture" is impossible due to cramped spaces. This is where core strength is vital for preventing or increasing damage from injuries to our spine. The core refers the muscles surrounding the mid section of our bodies. Most of us think having a solid core means having those rock hard abs that we see on TV infomercials, but it's more than just strong abdominal muscles. The core includes the muscles of the lower back, sides, and abdomen (stomach). These muscles act like the support wires of an antenna or sail boat mast. Without good core strength lower back injuries will continue to occur more frequently and with worsening severity. Come see your Jacksonville Chiropractor at Beach Boulevard Chiropractic to find out if we can help with your neck or back pain.

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