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Ouch...My Knee Hurts

May 27, 2012

We stress our knees by standing, walking, going up stairs, twisting, running, jumping, standing up, and playing sports. The knee is simple hinge joint that is meant to only go into flexion and extension (forward and backward). It's all held together with a relatively simple set of tendons, ligaments, and meniscus (cartilage) making the joint prone to injury. This is why professional athletes make one seemingly small movement which ends their season with a rip or tear.

When we have a traumatic injury or even a simple over use injury your knee will feel pain with every step which can be debilitating. Most knee pain is caused by a relatively few set of problems, but it takes a skilled professional to diagnose the problem. These problems may include osteoarthritis, patella (knee bone) tracking problems, tendon or ligament sprain/strain or tear, and/or meniscus tear. Each condition comes with a new set of challenges for treatment. Many of these problems can easily be helped with low tech rehab, like those provided by your Jacksonville Chiropractor at Beach Boulevard Chiropractic. Come by the office in Jacksonville, FL for an examination to find out whether a chiropractor can provide you with relief without going under the knife.

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