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Proper Rest

September 17, 2012

Ever heard the term burning the candle at both ends? Do you feel as if your sleep patterns are way off from what they once were? You may notice your ability to function during the day has gone down, as well as an increase in those aches that just wont go away? Proper rest is one of the key ingredients to healing properly. Most of my patients do not get the recommended 6-8 hours per night, thus making the healing process longer and even impossible. Here are some easy tips for getting a great nights sleep.  

1.Exercise - getting moving helps regulate hormones that help you sleep, plus burn off some of that energy of the day. 

2. Only sleep in bed - leave the TV and computer out of the bedroom. It should only be used for sleeping.

3. Comfort - keep the room dark, quiet, and cool.

4. Ritual - keeping your body into a ritual of getting ready for sleep and also with respect to timing can promote healthy sleep.

5. Eat- have a light snack before bed and never over eat within 2-3 hours of sleeping.

6. Foods to avoid- avoid caffeine after noon and chocolate has a similar effect as caffeine. Avoid alcohol, it may make you feel more tire, but your quality of sleep will be diminished leaving you tired in the morning.

7. Relaxation- learning relaxation techniques that work for you. Finding a way to de-stress is key.

8. Seek a physician - if these techniques aren't working or if you're unable to sleep due to restless legs, sleep apnea, heart burn, or another medical problem you should seek the advise of your medical professional.

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