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Restaurant Dieting Mistakes

August 18, 2013

Recently an article in Health Magazine was published about some of the pitfalls of eating at a restaurant when it comes to improving health and losing weight. Most people go out to eat delicious meals and have a great dining experience. Restaurants are in the businesses of making great tasting food and unless a specialty diner, has little concern for calorie count in the name of taste. Here are some easy tips to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes you can make while eating away from home.

Presentation is very important in stimulating your taste buds as well as the sense of smell. Be aware of how a fish may be placed on top of loaded mash potatoes or fried onions. These garnishes can be devastating when trying to adhere to a strict calorie count. Most side dishes paired with healthier fare is usually loaded with butter and oils to enhance the flavors. An easy way to avoid this is to ask for the steamed vegetable side. Be aware of the sauces that come with these dishes which can add 300-500 calories to that perfectly cooked piece of fish.

Its is also vital to look at your food in its entirety. This means not to only order the fish or the salad and assume those are the lowest calorie count items on the menu. Considering the ingredients of the salad as well as the dressing on the salad. Chili's southwest explosion salad boasts 1410 calories which means you're better off ordering the steak or almost anything else on the menu to save on calories, fat, and salt content.

Some restaurant goes try to avoid eateries that serve on large plates. The dish size can artificially reduce your brain's ability to believe the amount of food that is being ingested. Most people are raised to eat everything that is on your plate or you're wasting food and money. Looking for smaller plates can be a good technique if one does still monitor the content of the plate avoiding fried and buttery food. Look for grilled or blackened options to save on unneeded calories.

Your most powerful option is knowledge. If you have any questions about how the food is prepared and if it contains oils or butter, simply ask the waited how the dish is prepared. Any restaurant can modify the way they prepare the dish to accommodate your needs. If they refuse to change the methods of cooking you can substitute for healthier items. 

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