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Simplifying Your Life...

April 23, 2013

It's that time of year when we all do our spring cleaning, clearing the dirt, dust, cobwebs, and unhealthy habits. There are many ways to improve your life on a day to day basis when small and simple steps are taken. The following are easy suggestions to get your summer kicked off right and help you live a simpler, less cluttered life.

The first thing that everyone already knows is to get out there an exercise. Moving with purpose, creating a sweat has been shown to increase mood clear your mind and sharpen your brain. There are so many options from walking, yoga, weights, swimming, and a hundred other ways to keep you interested in your exercise routine.

Get organized! Read books, take classes, or hire a professional to get your life in order. Organization can help make sense of a stressful life. If you have a family create a family calendar to keep everyone on track. Organizing your meals can save hours a week. Planning and cooking multiple meals at one time can pay off dividends several days later when that surprise event pops up.

Are you like 75% of Americans and park your car outside the garage? It's time to get in your garage and go through all those half empty bottles and unused projects you were planning on using. We're bad about getting rid of our unwanted and unused items before purchasing new things. After that is finished organize your cabinets and drawers. Do you spend minutes sifting through a drawer full of kitchen gadgets to find your can opener? Why? Get rid of all those things you haven't used in a year. Plus you'll be healthier because you'll probably throw out lots of expired food which could make you ill.

Making a will can make your families life easier down the road. This is something that all adults should do. Sometimes due to the idea that this is complicated or morbid, people put this off. This step can tie up those loose financial ends. What are you're last wishes? Put it in writing to avoid any questions.

Automating your finances can clear up several hours a week. In todays internet age, almost everything can be paid online or put on auto pay saving you from having to check those website every month. Using only secure sights is a good idea and tracking your statement is recommended. You'll never miss that bill while you're on vacation and you'll never had to say it got lost in the mail.

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