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Spring Can Be Dangerous

April 15, 2013

Many orthopedic doctors and chiropractors know that spring has arrived when patients start showing up at the office with more injuries and pain than usual. Some of the more serious injuries come from people using lawn equipment which has been sitting for months decaying. The number of people injured by lawnmowers is estimated at 70,000 to 200,000. Some orthopedic surgeons look for these injuries like the robin of the season. Watching our favorite sports stars on television shows countless muscle pulls and tears. For these high priced athletes the most common muscle injury is the hamstring pull due to sprinting and changing directions. For the rest of us we pull hamstrings jogging. The season to start jogging is in the spring. These injuries are common in people who do not properly stretch. If you've been low key and dormant over the winter you should start off slow, gentle and deliberate. Injuries are inevitable, but we're meant to be in motion. Ladder injuries can be very prominent, more than most of us would realize. Its reported 125,000 people end up in the ER due to ladder falls. People tend to keep ladders long after they've become unsafe and place them of uneven ground. The most common injury is the ankle and fractures are common. In our office we've even seen patients who land flat of their back. A lot of spring cleaning goes on inside and outside. If you're outside working long enough you're bound to run into poison ivy. For most people poison ivy is just a nuisance, unless it gets into the eyes which you should consult a physician immediately. If you do get exposed, you should wash the area within 10 minutes with soap and water. You also can consult your local pharmacy about other over the counter products. The the cold weather moves out the sun moves in and so do the sunburns. The sun shines all year, but it shines best in the spring. The spring sun is one of the season's most underrated dangers causing burns and potential long term cancer risks. Using sunscreen is not just for the summer especially as the summer approaches. People want to have a tan for the season, but there are may danger associated with sun damage as well as severe burns. Trampolines are thought of as child's play. There are still plenty of adults who get out there and bounce on a nice spring day. Much like insurance companies increase their premiums, the number of injuries follows. The most injuries are ankle sprains, dislocations, and fractures. A trampoline can make are person feel more athletic and even a bit like superman. When you have trouble planting your foot on the landing bad things are going to happen. Seeing the chiropractor at Beach Boulevard Chiropractic can help you with most of these injuries.

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