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Tricks To Improve Your Health

July 21, 2013

Ever wonder if some of the things in everyday life have tricks or inside secrets? Surprisingly enough there are easy ways to trick your body into healthier behaviors. First of these tricks is to smile throughout the day. We can get bogged down in the general stress and frustration of the day. Research has shown that smiling during stressful situations compared to not smiling shows lower heart rate and blood pressure. Remind yourself to smile even if you're not feeling it on a particular day. If you're looking to increase happiness you can surround yourself with the color blue. You can paint your walls or use wall pictures. Studies have shown people who are surrounded in blue live a happier life on average.

Do you dislike to eat your vegetables, like most people? Usually fruits are easier to enjoy due to the sweet nature of the taste. It is recommended you should eat two cups of fruit and nearly three cups of vegetables as well. An easy way to eat your vegetables is to put them in your smoothie. You can drop some kale or spinach in your morning smoothie to hide the flavor and still get the health benefits.

If you're having difficulty sleeping due to a stressful day you can help yourself get to sleep if you match your breathing pattern of your sleeping partner. When we sleep our breathing becomes slower and deeper so following this pattern speeds the process. Focusing on your breathing takes your mind off the thoughts of the day, serves as meditation, and quiets the central nervous system. If you're alone you can take deep slow breathes in through your nose, hold for a few seconds, then slowly exhale.

Do you have a candy dish at home? You're probably eating more sweets than a person who doesn't have it sight. The same can be said for fruits in your home or at work. Studies have shown that keeping your fruits in a clear bowl on the counter top will encourage you to consume more. People who put their fruit in an opaque bowl further away ate less fruit. So make it easy on yourself and buy pre-cut fruit in the grocery store so you see it more.

Have an important phone call on the horizon? Try doodling during the conversation to keep your mind sharp to remember key points. A study released in 2010 showed participants were able to recall more details about a conversation if they were drawing during the call. Drawing geometric shapes while listening to the call has shown to help you retain up to thirty percent more information.

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