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Whiplash Prevention

May 18, 2014

The head rest is actually and incorrect name. The head restraint on top of you seat isn't designed rest your head, as a matter of truth it helps you to not fracture your neck just in case of an auto accident. It is connected to the highest point of the car seat. The head rest is only effective once properly positioned. Head restraints have been around in some fashion since the 1930's, but have been mandatory in cars since the 1960's. Since their introduction they have prevented hundreds of thousands of serious cervical traumas. By law, all restraints are required to be 27.5 inches on top of the seat.


Where ought to they be positioned? The restraint which will cut back neck injuries just in case of a collision, and then it's necessary to have your head aligned with the headrest, not your neck. If lined up with the neck alone, as this might be extraordinarily dangerous in case of collision. Most cars have manually-adjustable head restraints that can go up or down to accommodate your head height.


How does one adjust them? In accordance with the National Traffic Safety Administration, to be effective, the highest point of the restraint ought to lie somewhere between the top of your ears and the top of your head. If the restraint articulates for horizontal adjustment, it ought to be placed so it's as near your head as possible, while not pushing your head forward or causing the peak of the restraint to drop. The position of your seat back is additionally important – less reclining is optimal. An upright seat back means the restraint is in a safer position because its closer to your head.

Restraints prevent or reduce the likelihood of having a traumatic neck injury. The most common cervical injury during a collision is whiplash. This type of injury effects the cervical vertebrae and surrounding soft tissue. This can causes cervical discs be torn, severe muscle spasms, and radiating pain into the arms. The injury gets its name from the jerking of the neck forward and backward acceleration that occurs when your body is in motion, but comes to a stop quickly like that found in an auto accident. Jacksonville sees thousands of cases of whiplash per year for which Chiropractic care, massage therapy, and specific exercises have been shown to be effective in treating most cases of whiplash.


If you have recently been injured and feel you may have a whiplash injury, you can make an appointment for evaluation of your neck pain at Beach Boulevard Chiropractic.

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