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Back Pain
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Back Pain Treatment Jacksonville 

Lower back pain is something most people are familiar with and is the second most common neurological condition in the U.S. The cause may be degenerative or herniated disks, vertebral fractures, narrowed space around the spine resulting in pressure on the nerves, or just normal wear and tear on your body. Most incidences of low back pain subside within a couple of days; though others can last much longer and can possibly lead to more serious conditions.

Many people first turn to medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen in order to relieve their discomfort. That can work for a while but can also result in long-term damage if too many of these drugs are taken. Choosing stronger prescription medications for lower back pain can also cause health problems and can lead to addiction. Surgery is an option that many turn to, but this can be invasive and carries its own risks as well.

One of the most reliable treatments for lower back pain is chiropractic care from Beach Boulevard Chiropractic Massage Rehab in Jacksonville, Florida. Beach Boulevard stands out among other chiropractic providers in the area because of its whole health approach.

Lower Back Pain and Quality of Life

Things such as lifestyle choices and nutrition are also factors that play into the intensity of lower back pain and many other areas of discomfort that people feel every day. Too often, these factors are not addressed, or are only mentioned in passing. Because of this, the same pain keeps coming back, and there is little improvement to a person's overall quality of life. Our whole health philosophy for lower back pain, neck pain, headaches and various sports injuries empower you in your own treatment plan by suggesting various exercises you can do on your own.

Beach Boulevard Chiropractic is led by Jacksonville Chiropractor, Dr. Brian Winkler. He has built a strong reputation in the Jacksonville area largely because he takes the time to look at each patient as an individual, rather than a "vessel" for their pain. Dr. Winkler was a top student at Palmer College of Chiropractic and also has knowledge in microbiology.

Your treatment will start with an evaluation in order to see if your lower back pain is something that can or should be treated with chiropractic care. Often these treatments are beneficial, but are not always the best choice. If there are better options for your situation, Dr. Winkler will let you know, so you always have a treatment plan developed in your own best interest. To find out if chiropractic care is the right path for managing your lower back pain, contact Beach Boulevard Chiropractic Massage Rehab today.

Mid-Back Pain Treatment Jacksonville

Back pain can strike practically anyone, at any age, and for a variety of reasons. Whether you have sustained an acute injury that limits your mobility or you have developed a chronic spinal problem that leaves you in constant pain, chiropractic adjustment, spinal decompression and other natural care methods can very likely relieve your suffering. If you are seeking non-surgical, drug-free back pain treatment, Jacksonville chiropractor Dr. Brian Winkler can evaluate your condition and recommend the proper modalities to correct or control it.

The human spine needs a great deal of flexibility to withstand extreme shocks and jolts from a lifetime of everyday weight-bearing activities. Spinal misalignments can strain the muscles of the lower back allowing pain to stem from:

  • Personal injuries due to heavy lifting, an auto accident or sports impact
  • Years of wear and tear that have led to disc deterioration
  • A thickening of the bone around the spinal cord
  • Muscular strain from a lifetime of poor posture

The vertebrae that make up the spine are cushioned by fragile, fluid-filled discs that act as shock absorbers. In cases where a patient has a herniated or ruptured disc, the fluid can become displaced and pinch a nerve root leading to conditions such as sciatica.

Graston and Cox Techniques

The spine also encases and protects the spinal cord, the central signal-routing hub between the brain and the vast network of nerves that convey sensory and motor information. If any force, deterioration or disease allows the spinal column to fall out of alignment, bones or discs can press against the nerves or even against the spinal cord itself, causing not only pain but also tingling, numbness, weakness, and other signaling errors that affect physical function.

These and other causes of back pain can respond to conservative treatments such as chiropractic care. This is good news for patients who might otherwise have to undergo spinal fusion surgery or rely on the regular use of painkillers. Dr. Winkler not only uses traditional spinal adjustments to relieve back pain and postural problems, but he also specializes in lower back problems and treatments.

The Cox Technique, for instance, applies a controlled amount of flexion/distraction force to the spine. This tiny but effective force draws slipped discs inward and away from pinched nerve roots and back into their normal place in the spinal column. We can also use the Graston Technique to detect and release adhesions (scar tissue) that may be contributing to chronic back pain and stiffness.


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