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Carpal Tunnel
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Carpal Tunnel Treatment Jacksonville

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve that passes down the middle of the hand becomes compressed by the tissues that surround it. Along with flexor tendons, this nerve extends through a rigid, tunnel like structure at the base of the palm. When the tendons become irritated and swollen or thickened, they can press on the nerve, causing debilitating pain, tingling and numbness in the thumb, fingers and wrist, and sometimes radiating up the arm. Injury and other trauma can cause carpal tunnel syndrome as well as repetitive motions such as prolonged periods of typing or assembly line conditions.

In the U.S., carpal tunnel affects thousands of people each year and is the most common of the entrapment neuropathies – conditions that cause the body’s peripheral nerves to become compressed. Left untreated, carpal tunnel syndrome can rapidly progress into a more serious and painful condition that can require surgery to correct. Seeing a chiropractor as soon as possible is important in ensuring a rapid and complete recovery from inflamed and swollen tendons. At Beach Boulevard Chiropractic Massage Rehab, we offer comprehensive, noninvasive treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Don't Suffer with Hand or Wrist Pain

Trained in state-of-the-art techniques for carpal tunnel treatment Jacksonville chiropractor Dr. Brian Winkler will begin with a careful examination of your hand and arm, ordering x-rays when necessary to aid in diagnosing your condition. Next, Dr. Winkler will focus care on your wrist and elbow joints as well as providing adjustment for the upper spine to help relieve pressure by ensuring the spine is in proper alignment. Patients may also be advised to use ice packs and rest the arm to reduce swelling and inflammation, or be prescribed a brace or splint to immobilize the area.

Depending on your condition, ultrasound may also be used to relieve pain. Once recovery is under way, range of motion exercises can be used to help relieve pressure and strengthen the affected area. Beach Boulevard Chiropractic Massage Rehab is a leading provider of noninvasive carpal tunnel treatment throughout northern Florida. Like most conditions affecting the nerves, carpal tunnel syndrome responds best when treatment occurs early, before the condition has a chance to progress. The first step in the healing process is to contact Beach Boulevard Chiropractic Massage Rehab. We will schedule a consultation so you can feel better faster.

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