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Slip & Fall
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Slip & Fall Therapy Jacksonville

According to the Mayo Clinic, more than one-fourth of all spinal injuries occur as the result of a slip and fall. Many of these injuries can be serious and long-lasting, especially if not treated properly. A slip and fall injury involves the same sort of jarring impact as a car accident and can result in similar whiplash injuries to the spine, neck and nerves. When the head hits a hard surface, the neck can snap back and forth on impact. For most of us the natural reaction is to try to prevent a fall by clenching our muscles or twisting into a position where we can protect ourselves from injury.

The fact is, while twisting and turning to keep the skull from making contact with the floor can protect the brain. But, it can still cause injury to the victim's neck. On the other hand, many injuries occur when the spine makes forceful contact with the floor or another hard surface, causing discs to become compressed or soft tissue bruising to occur. The inflammation that follows can cause nerve impingement that causes significant pain and discomfort. Proactive treatment of your anticipated discomfort can help ensure that you remain as healthy and free of pain as possible.

Spinal Assessment for Accident Victims

Dr. Brian Winkler is skilled in providing a wide array of treatment options, including Cox flexion/distraction therapy and the Graston treatment method developed for the treatment of chronic and acute soft tissue injuries. Dr. Winkler begins with a thorough assessment of your spine and overall health as well as your past medical history. Diagnostic tools including a spinal assessment and postural analysis can be used to aid in determining the source of pain. In addition, the assessment can help identify conditions that may have been caused by your accident, but which have not yet progressed to the point where they cause pain.

As with any injury, receiving chiropractic care as soon as possible following a slip and fall accident is the key to a quick and full recovery. We’ve helped many slip and fall victims recover from their pain and injury, and we’re experienced in working with attorneys and insurance companies so you can feel better fast. Beach Boulevard Chiropractic Massage Rehab provides comprehensive slip & fall therapy in Jacksonville and throughout northern Florida, relying on state-of-the-art therapeutic techniques based on the most recent scientific data and studies. To learn more, call our office and schedule your consultation.

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