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Chiropractic Adjustments Jacksonville

When a misalignment occurs, you know it. Now, with same-day appointments available at Beach Boulevard Chiropractic, relief is just a phone call away. Dr. Brian Winkler's "Chiropractic Adjustments Jacksonville" utilizes both traditional chiropractic techniques as well as Cox flexion/distraction technique to provide relief for patients who struggle with neck and back pain. The body's complex neural network relays signals between your body and your brain. By use of gentle hands-on force, chiropractic adjustments help correct vertebral misalignment (subluxation) of the spine to restore the body's natural healing process.

Your spinal column is what allows you to move, twist and bend throughout the day. When misalignment becomes fixed, it can interfere with the delicate nerve tissues that relay important communications. Subluxations may go unnoticed at first but can eventually lead to symptoms such as shoulder pain, lower back pain and leg pain. Our number one goal is to make routine spinal care convenient, personalized and affordable. Our belief in an individualized approach is why Dr. Winkler's recommendations for chiropractic adjustments Jacksonville will vary from person to person.

Care for You and Your Family

Second to headaches, back pain is the most common neurological ailment in the United States affecting millions of Americans every year. Since the spinal column is comprised of twenty-four independent vertebrae, any misalignment due to sprains, strains, soft tissue tears or diseases can prevent the nervous system from functioning properly. Although some misalignments are noticed immediately, others may appear slowly, such as whiplash injuries following an accident. The good news is, through our chiropractic adjustments Jacksonville program, there is a natural drug-free alternative to provide pain relief for you and other members of your family.

Why Consider Chiropractic Adjustments?

At Beach Boulevard Chiropractic, we are successfully combining chiropractic adjustments with massage therapy, rehab, Graston technique, Cox flexion/distraction and other innovative techniques for a "whole body" approach for improving overall health. By reducing irritation related to spinal misalignment and soft tissue injuries, Dr. Winkler is often able to achieve relief from pain and discomfort in the briefest amount of time. We take pride in being a patient-centric practice and work hard to make your chiropractic experience as informative, personal, comfortable and positive in every way.

By using a proven hands-on approach to pain relief, Dr. Winkler can assist your body's ability to heal itself through the accurate diagnosis and treatment of issues that are affecting your musculoskeletal system. To get you back to living your life as fully and as quickly as possible, our staff is dedicated to providing you and your family with easy access to chiropractic adjustments. Jacksonville residents have grown to trust Beach Boulevard Chiropractic for enhanced healing, improved athletic performance, and relief from stress for an improved sense of well-being. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your spinal care needs.


Beach Boulevard Chiropractic is conveniently located to serve patients in the areas of Jacksonville's Southside, St. Johns Town Center, East I-295 Beltway, Intracoastal West and the Beaches.

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